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More and more companies realise the importance of maintaining good customer relations. Even if people sometimes find it difficult to pay, they may still be profitable and loyal customers in the long term. At Sergel, our axiom is “The Good Customer Meeting”. This means that we look at the individual’s needs and adapt our offering to provide long-term stability and sustainability for all parties.

We see your customer as a person and not just a claim. This strengthens your brand, stimulates more sales and contributes to good customer relations.

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Credit Scoring

We know who will be your long-term profitable customers. Credit information from Sergel gives you a solid basis for decision-making and a split-second response. We have developed powerful models for risk assessment of both private individuals and businesses based on our long experience of what makes a good payer.

Sergel gives you more than just plain credit information. We help you set the right requirements in real time so that you can offer credit with confidence.

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With our experience and knowledge of debt collection, together with our concept of “The Good Customer Meeting”, we create the right conditions for quicker payment, while maintaining good customer relations.

Many defaulted payments are due to customers merely forgetting to pay. With efficient and friendly handling, both payment reminders and debt collection can be positive customer contact.

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Payment services

Do you want to get paid for service via the customer’s telephone bill? Do you want to offer your customer payment via text messaging (SMS)? Our solutions for charging via the end-customer’s normal telephone bill give you greater liquidity and improve your cash-flow. You also avoid having your own invoicing system.

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We help you find smart and effective ways of communicating with your customers or employees. Our services are customized both for those who wish to send just a few messages and for users who send large volumes of messages all over the world. Using Sergel’s messaging services, you reach your recipients quickly.

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Interesting articles

Your customer relations are our highest priority! That’s why we want to share what we know best. The Sergel blog mixes interesting reading with razor-sharp analysis.