Profitability-based credit information

Customers often appreciate the possibility to receive an invoice of services used. By offering open credit terms, you make it easier to be a client of yours. The challenge is to find suitable terms for each customer.
At Sergel, we have thorough knowledge in determining which clients’ will be profitable so you can feel confident when you offer credit.

Connecting your system to our advanced scoring is easy. We will provide you with instant credit recommendations. This enables your customer facing channels to focus on what they do best – to sell even more!
With integrated credit checks, there is no need to log-on to separate web-portals or work in multiple systems.

A key feature of Sergel’s credit scoring is that we assess the expected profitability of a customer. You will receive an efficient, quick and responsible credit assessment that determines the long-term profitability
and payment abilities of your customer.

With Sergel, you can welcome more clients with confidence whilst keeping the risk at levels where you feel comfortable. The models used can of course also be adapted to fit your specific needs.

In the event that we would advise you not to extend credit, an explanation of the basis of decision will be provided together with the response. We also have a team available to make manual assessments on your behalf –
to enable more deals.

Quick and automatic
•    Your system connects directly to Sergel
•    Credit assessment can be done automatically
•    A quick process enables you to start invoicing straight away

Focus on profitability
•    Our models help you determine which customers will be profitable
•    Grant credit to customers with calculated risk
•    Instant responses enable you to make more deals

Sophisticated logics
•    Accurate logics developed by experienced analysts
•    Sergel receives information from numerous sources every day
•    Credit checks can be stored in accordance with regulations