The Good Customer Meeting

At Sergel, we have more than 3 000 telephone interactions with debtors each day. That gives us the opportunity to make a really good first impression. We achieve this by being friendly, credible and helpful, which is the basis of our “Good Customer Meeting” concept.

Depending on factors such as customer category, size of the claim, earlier payment patterns and similar factors, we determine the best way to progress in each individual case. We continuously update our debtor database with broth external and internal data, and thus know what promotes payment. This helps us perform accurate analysis of a debtor’s ability to settle. Utilising advanced analysis enables us to improve our processes and increase efficiency.

The options for contacting your customers include short and informative text messages, different types of letters and personal telephone calls from one of our agents. The message can be adapted according to requirements you may have.

You decide when you want to involve us in the process; for example at the reminder stage or when it is time to collect the debt. We use our sound information base to determine the right action at the right time. This information can also give you help you determine whether to close a current service or keep it open.

A “we care” reminder

We remind your customer in case of payment. If a customer should default after a “we care” reminder, the claim can be processed further with debt collection as the first option.

A softer step

  • A customer who has merely forgotten to pay appreciates a softer approach.
  • Treading more softly reduces risk of losing customers and conveys a positive image.
  • When payment is late, we decide the next step based on our experience.
  • Our proactive reminders stimulate quicker payment.

The right action for the right customer

  • With our experience, we know what stimulates quicker payment.
  • Reduce the risk of losing a customer by reminders tailored to their category.
  • Depending on the customer category, you can communicate by letter, a text message, personal call, etc.
  • Adapt the message to the recipient within each channel.
Debt collection

We collect your claim on a defaulted payment.

How Sergel can help you

  • When others do risk assessments, we assess possibilities.
  • We know what the most profitable action is.
  • Customized and unique processes.
  • One of Sweden’s largest databases of debtor and payment behaviour.

The right action for the right customer

  • We know what promotes quicker payment.
  • The right type of contact nurtures your relationship and reduces the risk of losing the customer.
  • We start the process with a demand of payment notice and if the customer still defaults, we can follow up with other channels such as text message, personal call, a letter, etc.
  • A customized message stimulates quicker payment.
Legal services

Our legal services give you access to cutting-edge expertise in the areas of procedural law, claim rights, the law of torts and tenancy law. We can also offer training and legal advice, customized to suit your requirements.


Sell Receivables

Selling your customer claims means that you get paid immediately for written-off and uncertain claims. You release capital and resources and can focus on your core business.

Sergel’s name and good reputation in the industry ensures that all matters regarding debtors are done with the highest standards regarding ethics, quality and expertise.

Our efficient process for handling large volumes of past due and uncertain customer claims against private individuals allows us to provide beneficial offerings.

For those considering selling written-off consumer credit, we can offer different options:

  • A one-off sale of a portfolio of old, written-off or past due claims.
  • Continuous sale of customer losses.