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Have you received a letter from us? If so, it’s probably because you have forgotten to pay an invoice in time and it has been passed on for debt collection. A personal account has been created for you on My Pages where you can handle your case.

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What happens now?

When we send you a request of payment, you normally have 8 days to settle the balance due starting from the date stated on the demand.

The process

Day 1:

A payment demand is sent out to you. You have 8 days in which to which, counting from the date printed on the payment demand. A debt collection fee of SEK 180 is payable.

Days 2-7:

You have time to check the demand and make your payment.

Day 8:

Payment of the demand becomes overdue.

Day 12:

If you do not pay, your case may be passed on to the Enforcement Service and an injunction to pay may be issued. If this occurs, a further fee of SEK 680 is payable.

It is always best to contact us to discuss your financial situation. Regardless of whether you can pay or not.

We can help you. Not paying in time is expensive.

How you pay the demand

Payment details

Payments within Sweden. Our plusgiro account number is 997404-9. You must also state the OCR number quoted on your payment slip.

Do you want to use Swish to pay? From My pages you can pay directly with Swish.