Credit scoring

We know who your long-term profitable customers will be. Credit information from Sergel gives you a solid basis for decision-making and a split-second response. We have developed powerful models for risk assessment of both private individuals and businesses based on our long experience of what makes a good payer.

Sergel gives you more than just plain credit information. We help you set the right requirements in real time so that you can offer credit with confidence.

Profitability-based credit information

Credit assessment often requires speed and automation as many people want to do the deal directly, without waiting for manual handling. Sergel are experts in determining the profitability of a customer relationship, so you can feel confident in leaving credit.

Your system is easily linked to our advanced scoring that provides lightning-fast answers to whether credit should be given. This means that your marketing channels can focus on what they do best; namely to sell more! With integrated credit testing, there is no need to log in to separate portals or work in multiple IT environments.

The big advantage of Sergel’s models is that the profitability of the customer relationship is put in focus. You get efficient, fast and responsible lending that constantly looks after the long-term profitability and ability to pay of your customer.

With Sergel, you can safely say yes to more customers and keep the risk at a level that you feel comfortable with. The models are of course also adaptable to support your business in the best way.

In the event that credit should be advised against, we will of course provide supportive answers on the grounds for refusal. We also have a team ready to do manual checks if desired – all to enable more business.

Fully automated

  • Your existing systems are connected directly to Sergel
  • The credit check can take place automatically when you add the customer
  • Save time and start billing right away

Profitability in focus

  • Sergel focuses on the profitability of your customer relationship
  • You can safely say yes to more people at a risk level that suits you
  • Our database is lightning fast – you get answers and can sell instantly

Advanced logic

  • Advanced models developed by experienced analysts
  • Sergel receives daily updated information from many sources
  • Credit checks can be stored in accordance with legal requirements