Collection services

With our experience and knowledge of debt collection, together with our concept of “The Good Customer Meeting”, we create the right conditions for quicker payment, while maintaining good customer relations.

Many defaulted payments are due to customers merely forgetting to pay. With efficient and friendly handling, both payment reminders and debt collection can be positive customer contact.

The good customer meeting

At Sergel, we conduct more than 3,000 telephone meetings every day. It gives us the opportunity to make a really good first impression. We achieve this by being friendly, credible and helpful, which is the basis for Sergel’s concept “The good customer meeting”.

Depending on factors such as customer category, size of the claim, previous payment patterns and the like, it is decided how a case is to be handled. We have one of the country’s largest debtor databases and are constantly updating it with internal and external data. Therefore, our analyzes of solvency can become more accurate. With a flawless analysis, we can improve our processes and make them more efficient. More efficient handling provides strong recycling.

The opportunities to contact your customer include short and informative text messages, different types of letters and personal phone calls from one of our employees. The message can of course be adapted to your wishes.

You decide when you want us to take over in the process; for example, already at a reminder or when it is time for debt collection. We use our solid decision support of information to determine the right action at the right time. The information can also provide strong support in deciding whether you should close or keep any ongoing service open.

“We care”-reminders

We remind your customer of non-payment. In the event of non-payment after a “We care” reminder, the claim can be taken forward in the ordinary claims process with debt collection claims as the first measure.

A softer step in the process and a positive dialogue

  • A customer who just forgot to pay appreciates a softer contact.
  • A softer step reduces customer loss and gives a positive image of you.
  • In the event of late payment, we decide on the next step based on our experience.
  • Proactive reminders stimulate faster payment.

The right action for the right customer

  • With our experience, we know what stimulates faster payment.
  • Reduce the risk of a lost customer by reminding the customer in the right way.
  • Depending on the customer category, letters, text messages, personal calls, etc. are selected.
  • Customize the message within each channel according to the recipient.

Dept collection

We collect your claim in the event of non-payment.

This is what Sergel can do for you:

  • When others do risk assessments, we do opportunity assessments to help you.
  • We know which is the most profitable action.
  • Industry-adapted and unique processes.
  • One of Sweden’s largest databases regarding debtor and payment behavior.

Right action for right customer:

  • We know what stimulates faster payment.
  • The right type of contact nurtures the relationship and reduces the risk of losing the customer.
  • We start the process with a debt collection claim and can, in the event of non-payment, follow up with various channels such as text messages, personal calls, letters and the like.
  • Customized messages stimulate faster payment.

Legal services

With our legal services, you get access to cutting-edge expertise in, among other things, litigation, receivables, damages and tenancy law. Training and legal advice are also offered, adapted to your needs and wishes.

Debt purchases

The sale of your accounts receivable means that you are immediately paid for already written off and doubtful receivables. You free up capital and resources and can focus on the core business.

Sergel’s name and good reputation in the industry assure you that all work against debtors takes place with high demands on ethics, quality and competence.

As we have a well-functioning process for handling larger volumes of overdue and doubtful accounts receivable from private individuals, we can provide advantageous offers.

For those of you who are considering selling written-off consumer credits, we can offer various alternatives:

  • One-time sale of portfolio with old written-off or overdue receivables.
  • Ongoing sales of established customer losses.
  • Hire us as a debt collection agent and then sell your receivables at the chosen time in the debt collection process.