Payment by telephone bill

Do you charge per minute or call when the customer calls you? Or do you provide a directory inquiry service? With Sergel, you as a content provider can easily invoice for your services via the end customer’s telephone bill. When you use our services, you can shorten your credit period from 90 days to 1 day, which gives you increased liquidity and improved cash flow. We enable invoicing directly on the end customer’s regular telephone bill, regardless of whether they call you from a mobile or landline.

We support both toll numbers starting with 0900/099, as well as directory inquiry services in the 118 series.

Benefits for you

Sergel sends your invoicing documents to the respective operator. The end customer pays for your services together with other items on their phone bill. We handle the debiting of the operator’s commission, and the settlement for sold services. Everything is of course smoothly integrated and automated so you can focus on customer experience and additional sales.


It is easy to pay via SMS. The possibility of fast and smooth payment with a mobile phone means that more and more companies are offering this form of payment. We debit your customer the amount on their regular phone bill or via account.

The speed and simplicity means that your customers do not have to enter long and cumbersome credit card numbers, or handle cash. With Sergel, your customers can pay quickly and easily via mobile.