What happens if I do not pay my rent?

Paying rent is important. Anyone who does not pay on time can be evicted from their residence.

According to the Rent Act, the rent must be paid in advance no later than the last working day before the beginning of each month. This means, for example, that the rent for June must be paid no later than the last working day of May.

If you do not pay, you risk your housing and that your debt increases with extra costs.

Pay your rental debt with your rental invoice, or with the payment card you received from us. You can log in to My Pages to see your entire debt. To log in to My Pages, you must have your BankID or Mobile BankID available. If you log in there, you will have access to all functions on the page and for all your cases if you have several.
If you have questions about your rental debt – contact your landlord.