Mina Sidor

What do I do if I have paid my rent and still received a debt collection claim?

Check that your payment is made with the correct information (eg that you have entered the correct OCR number) and that the payment has left your account. If you have paid your rent before the printout date of the debt collection claim, you are not obliged to pay the debt collection cost. Please contact us to ensure that your payment has been posted. This can be done if you log in to My Pages, use our self-service by phone or talk to one of our administrators.

If your payment was made on the printout date of the debt collection claim or later, a new payment card will be sent regarding the debt collection cost and any interest.

To log in to My Pages, you must have your BankID or Mobile BankID available. If you log in there, you will have access to all functions on the page and for all your cases if you have several.