Request blocking of personal identity number to prevent fraud

Have you been the victim of fraud or attempted fraud?

In that case we can block your personal identity number to prevent any purchases from companies (in our case Telia) that use Sergel to look up credit information. In other words you would still need to contact other companies which handle credit information individually.

This is how it works:

  • The incident must be reported to the police.
  • Contact our customer service on this telephone number +46 771-107070 (during office hours).
  • During your call, we temporarily block credit information for two weeks. The block prevents any credit report on you via Sergel.
  • Within two weeks of reporting the incident, you must send a copy of your police report and a personal letter to Sergel.

In your personal letter, write “I do not want Sergel to disclose any information about me”. You can also add the information in the police report if you think it is necessary. The letter must be personally signed by you.

Your letter and police report should be sent to:

Sergel Kredittjänster AB
Credit / Investigation
105 26 Stockholm