Recycling – reconsideration / removal of payment verdict

A payment remark disappears automatically after it has expired (see section: How long does a payment remark last?) You can not influence this decision, but if you can prove that the payment remark is incorrect, you can request correction. This means that your payment remark is deleted from the Swedish credit information institutions.

You make a request for rectification (Company with an injunction for payment order) or recovery (if a ruling has been made) by contacting the Enforcement Authority.

It is the Data Protection Authority (DPA) who sets the rules and a denial is only approved if one of the following criteria is met:

  • The debt has been paid before the listed event occurred
  • The payment has been delayed by something that you have not been able to anticipate and are not responsible for (eg technical issues at the bank used to process the payment)
  • Judgment or settlement shows that you were not at all or only partially obliged to pay
  • There is no information that is normally registered and is important for assessing your credit rating

To apply for a denial, contact us at Sergel via and attach documentation that proves that the payment remark arose incorrectly. It is also possible to send the same written request by mail to:

Sergel Kredittjänster AB
ATT: Investigation
FE 26184
105 26 Stockholm