Your partner throughout the credit process

We are experts in all areas of the process, from credit assessment to debt collection and demand management. Feel secure with a full-service supplier.

  • Credit scoring

    Help bringing in profitable customers

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  • Collection services

    Get paid and keep good customer relations

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  • Payment services

    Get paid by phone bill

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  • Messaging services

    Smart and efficient communication paths

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Would you like to find out more about how we can support your credit process and improve your cash-flow and profitability? Please submit your contact details below and we’ll get in touch. This is only for you who are interested in the services we provide. If you have a payment demand, please log in to My Pages.

Credit scoring

We know who your long-term profitable customers will be. Credit information from Sergel gives you a solid basis for decision-making and a split-second response. We have developed powerful models for risk assessment of both private individuals and businesses based on our long experience of what makes a good payer.

Sergel gives you more than just plain credit information. We help you set the right requirements in real time so that you can offer credit with confidence.

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Collection services

With our experience and knowledge of debt collection, together with our concept of “The Good Customer Meeting”, we create the right conditions for quicker payment, while maintaining good customer relations.

Many defaulted payments are due to customers merely forgetting to pay. With efficient and friendly handling, both payment reminders and debt collection can be positive customer contact.

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Payment services

Do you want to get paid for service via the customer’s telephone bill? Do you want to offer your customer payment via text messaging (SMS)? Our solutions for charging via the end-customer’s normal telephone bill give you greater liquidity and improve your cash-flow. You also avoid having your own invoicing system.

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